Furniture Assembly Service in Washington DC, Metro Area.

Stop looking in your toolbox to see if you have the right tools to put your furniture back! Our movers are equipped with a variety of tools and put your assembly your furniture for you!

The last of the boxes was just delivered and it’s official; you’ve moved into your new home!

The only thing left to do now is to assemble all that furniture and then you can get a good nights’ sleep. But do you really have any energy left to muster?

With even harder work yet to come, it’s always best if you have someone working alongside you to make the job easier. And that’s where we come in.

Offering furniture assembly services in Washington DC, Efficient Movers & Storage LLC make your residential moves undemanding and dare we say it, enjoyable!

In addition, we provide packing and moving services in Virginia and Maryland as well, so all you’re left to do is brainstorm about interior design, so you can turn that house into a home.

So make your life easier. Contact us today and hire Efficient Movers & Storage LLC!