Last-Minute Moving Tips for When You’re Moving in a Hurry

Last-Minute Moving Tips for When You’re Moving in a Hurry

Nobody likes moving in a hurry, but at times certain circumstances force you to speed up the process. While moving is a procedure best performed with ease and composure, in the event that you’ve overstayed in one place, or have a sudden shift of job jump at you, you will have to move.

And you’ll have to do it quick. While we can’t help you stop time—unless you’ve discovered a way to move with the speed of light—what we can do is guide you through the process.


If you’re keen to avoid unnecessary burden on your checkbooks, you need a check-book—that is, you need a list that can help you streamline and double-check all that’s happening. No matter how fast forwarded the mission, a checklist works wonders in terms of helping you organize, recollect, and ensure that nothing is being left behind.

Protecting the Paperwork

Protecting the Paperwork

From your financial to your academic records, property papers to agreements and affidavits, legal documents and proofs of identity—one of the first things that you should be packing is all the important paperwork.

Disposing the Deadly

There are certain things that can’t go on a moving truck—such as plants, chemicals, flammable items, weapons, etc.—and will require disposing of.

Among these that you have an ethical duty to dispose of are chemicals—from cleaning products to gardening chemicals. Make sure you’re getting rid of them in a safe and secure manner that in no way injures a person and is neither a biohazard.

Money, Money, Sweeter than Honey

Imagine having packed everything. And we mean everything. Even all the cash that you had—and now you’re out of hard cash to pay the packers and movers. Or, even if you’ve paid them in advance, you’ll have zilch on you when it comes to tipping.

In any case, keeping some hard cash with you during the move is essential. It could come in handy at any time, especially in the event of a mishap.

Dealing with the Food

In the last few days leading up to your move, make sure you’re dining in—in your home, that is. One of the greatest misses during moving is the refrigerator—which people often leave overflowing with leftovers and eggs and cartons of milk and whatnots. If yours is too small a family to gorge on all that is in your fridge, share the burden by donating the food to a charitable organization.

Moving a fridge with food inside is hardly ever a good idea. In fact, it’s a terrible idea.

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