How to Streamline Post-Move Furniture Assembly

Invest in extra tools

Furniture, wardrobe, and kitchen utensils are some of the most important things you need when you first move into a new home. The whole moving process to your new place must have been stressful, but now that chapter is over. It will take a few days to settle into your new place.

Unpacking furniture and assembling the flat pack pieces can be a nightmare. Flat pack furniture is notorious for having loads of fittings like screws and small parts, which if they go missing, can cause the whole piece to malfunction.

Here are some tips to help reassemble furniture after you’ve moved into your new home:

Invest in extra tools

When dealing with flat pack furniture and just for the general tasks around your house, it’s a good idea to invest in a variety of tools and multiple of them. Buy a couple of flat head screwdrivers, an electric screwdriver, small hammers, spanners, etc.

We all know that feeling when you reach out to grab a screwdriver and you can’t find it! Emotions run high when dealing with moving house, to avoid any extra stress, keep multiple sets of tools on you.

Keep the instructions

Cheaper furniture pieces that require assembling are known to be very complicated. When you first purchase such items of furniture, make sure you read the instructions carefully. We suggest keeping all the instruction manuals for flat pack furniture in one drawer.

You never know when you would need to move again. Flat pack furniture re-assembly is definitely not something on your mind when making the decision to move.

Reassemble furniture in order of importance

Reassemble furniture in order of importance

It isn’t necessary for you to unpack all the furniture and put it in your home the day you move! Moving day is already a long and tiring one. By the end of it you just want a hot meal and a good night’s rest.

Begin unpacking and assembling furniture in order of importance. Which pieces do you need that night? A bed, some chairs, and maybe the sofa? Start working on these pieces.

Make a timeline to follow so you can continue reassembling the rest of the furniture. It will take you a couple of days to a week to get all the furniture out.

 Hire a moving company that assembles furniture too

 Hire a moving company that assembles furniture too

In this fast-paced world, most individuals have to manage packing, moving house, and unpacking with a full-time job. Moving companies help take most of the work out of the moving process. Some of them also provide furniture assembly services once you’re in your new home.

They unpack your furniture and assemble them for you. Leaving you to relax and tend to other pressing matters in your new home.

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