Things to Consider When Hiring Professional Movers

Things to Consider When Hiring Professional Movers

The average American moves 11.4 times in their lifetime, according to research. With many people renting apartments instead of buying, individuals move house every couple of years.

This system works for most people. It gives you the opportunity to move to a better home, move to another city, and is more affordable. The actual move is the most stressful part. Packing up all your belongings, furniture, and valuable items like appliances and safely transporting them is a time-consuming process.

Residential moving companies are a lifesaver when it comes to moving house. They have years of experience behind them. Make sure you choose a reliable service, to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Here are some tips when choosing a moving company:

Moving inventory

One of the best ways to decide whether a professional moving business is reliable is to check if they take an inventory of your belongings. They determine the weight of all your belongings and maintain a comprehensive list of articles being transported. The weight of the belongings determines the fees they charge. Understanding the basis of charging a fee is the best way to estimate if the price being quoted is fair.

Understand their moving plan

Before you can make a decision and choose a moving company, make sure you understand the process. Ask the representatives to give you an in-depth run through of their moving strategy for your home. You can also inform the company of any items you don’t want on the truck e.g. items you plan on giving away to charity or to leave behind for the new owners.

Don’t pay a large deposit

Reputable moving companies won’t demand a large sum of cash from you before the move. You should only pay for the service once it is completed. Paying the whole amount upfront can end badly, you won’t have control over your belongings or you might be dissatisfied with the service in general.

Always pay online instead of in cash. Cash payments are difficult to keep track of and are often done as a way to evade taxes. Paying by credit card is the best option; it protects you from scams.

Always ask about extra fees or overcharges

Always ask about extra fees or overcharges

Some companies tend to charge higher prices for customers living on higher floors. If you’re moving from the 2nd story to the 10th story, you could be charged more for labor. While this seems fair, the company should be transparent about this policy. Most apartment complexes have large elevators that facilitate movers. In some cases you could be living in a street too small for the movers’ truck to get into. Their staff would have to walk the street with your belongings to get it to your new place. All such extra services that cost them effort and time will cost you money.

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